Philosophy Programme in Warsaw for Open-Minded Students

09.06.2023, 16:06

 If you are looking for studies which give you broad perspectives, numerous opportunities, and unique skills, in one of the best places to live, the answer is simple: choose International Studies in Philosophy at the University of Warsaw. Learn: why.
– Why philosophy? Philosophy means the “love of wisdom” – prof. Adrian Kuźniar, the head of the International Studies in Philosophy, explains. – It is a systematic inquiry into fundamental issues such as the universe, knowledge, mind, ethics, language, art, and politics. It helps to develop critical, precise, logical thinking, and the ability to ask questions and debate – he emphasises.
International Studies in Philosophy at the University of Warsaw is a 3-year bachelor’s degree programme taught entirely in English (all tutorials, lectures, and seminars are taught in this language), which took off in October 2007. It provides a comprehensive and systematic account of Western philosophy—from the wisdom of Ancient Greece to contemporary philosophical discussions around the globe.
University of Warsaw is the biggest and the best university in Poland as well as one of the finest in central Europe. And in 2023, Warsaw was named the ‘Best European Destination’.
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